Graphileon InterActor

InterActor Documentation

InterActor is a graph-driven dashboard development environment. It uses a Neo4j graph-database to store user-interface components (e.g. Networks, Tables, Forms) in vertices ("nodes") and triggers in edges ("links" or "relations") to define the interactions and data-flows between the UI components.


For Dashboard Users

  • Use the default dashboard to interact with Neo4j without writing Cypher
  • Save node constellations as Diagrams
  • Use NodeHistory and CypherHistory for fast access to recently viewed nodes and content
  • Explore your graph in a controlled way
  • Download example Cypher statements to create new interactions
  • Design your own styles for nodes and relations

For Dashboard Designers

  • Create new interactions with Networks, Tables, Forms, Charts, Maps, Timelines, Calendars
  • Organize interactions in Dashboards

For Developers

  • Extensible framework to create additional functions
  • Embeddable views