InterActor examples

This section contains examples of interactions that you can create by adding :IA_Function nodes to your datastore and connecting them using :TRIGGER relations. In other words, interactions are stored as graphs.

Or, as we prefer to say: "The App is a Graph".

Since all Functions are stored as :IA_Function nodes glued together by relations, it is possible to export interactions to a Cypher statement that can be used to re-create the application in another datastore that is linked to an InterActor instance.

In this section we present a number of examples, some simple, others more complex, that you can use for inspiration or to learn from.

NOTE With InterActor Community Edition, it is not possible to access multiple Neo4j graph stores. The :IA_Function nodes will be stored together with the rest of your data. If you need to separate all :IA_Function nodes from your business data, which is recommended in professional environments, you will need the InterActor Enterprise Edition. Please contact us at for a quote.


First, as a general precaution, be aware that the Cypher statements in this section alter the contents of your data store. It is therefore recommended to create a backup of any valuable data before running these statements. Of course we do our best, but we do not guarantee that the statements are 100% error-free, neither that they will not alter existing nodes and relationships.

So, use them wisely.