InterActor Editions

InterActor comes in two editions.

InterActor Community Edition

The Community Edition is there for you to experience the InterActor ease of use while navigating your Neo4j data store. You can also use it to build your own InterActor applications on top of your store.

You can set up the Community Edition in a few minutes, without downloads and complicated installation, using our Sandbox functionality. Alternatively you can download and install a Community Edition Docker image.

The Community Edition has some functional limitations:

  • it connects to a single Neo4j store. This means that your data and the InterActor setup and your InterActor applications are stored in a single store
  • you can set up only a single dashboard and a single user
  • it does not include a number of InterActor Functions such as ElasticSearch, MapView, Chartview, TimeLineView and CalendarView
  • some of the advanced functionality -such as batch triggers, conditional triggers, advanced code evaluation and path constructs- is only available in the Enterprise Edition

Other than that it has no limitations in terms of number of nodes and relationships that you can store.

And best of all, the Community Edition is free for you to use!

InterActor Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition is our flagship version. It comes with full functionality, unlimited users organized in teams, multiple dashboards and can connect to multiple Neo4j stores to separate InterActor applications from the business data.

This edition can be hosted by us or installed on your own servers when confidentiality is required.

Pricing for license and support for the Enterprise Edition are available on request. Please feel free to contact us at .

A comparison between the two versions is given in the feature matrix below:

Feature matrix

Community Edition Enterprise Edition
General functionality
Neo4j datastores single multiple
Users single multiple
Teams -
Dashboards single multiple
InterActor Functions
NetworkView 1
TableView 2
NodeFormView 3
RelationFormView 3
MapView -
TreeView -
ChartView -
TimelineView -
CalendarView -
ElasticsearchQuery -
Batch triggers -
Path -
Lodash function library -
Sandbox -
Docker image
Source code -
InterActor-users @Slack
Dedicated support -
Pricing free contact us
and next.. get started with the community edition contact us


1 NetworkView Enterprise

Community features, plus:

  • Controlled exploration.
  • Clone nodes
  • Triggers: batch (on selection of nodes/relations)
  • Filtering nodes and relationships based on property(-values)
  • Set and save force layout parameters

2 TableView Enterprise

Community features, plus:

  • Access to many column settings for formatting and behaviour
  • Triggers: batch (act on multiple rows)

3 NodeForm and RelationshipForm Enterprise

NodeForm and RelationshipForm features, plus:

  • Use property presets