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Issues with our Graphileon Personal Edition - beta

If you run into issues with our Personal Edition 2.0.0 (beta), please send a mail to with a description of the version of Graphileon you are using, the type and version of the graph database you are accessing, your OS, browser and anything else that can help us replicate the problem and solve the issue. Your observations are much appreciated and will help us to improve the software

How can I start Graphileon on Linux? (added 20/08/2018)

Use sudo /opt/Graphileon/Graphileon to start Graphileon.

Errors while storing settings

User prototype not found. Cannot create new user

The store you defined does not (yet) contain a Graphileon configuration. Edit the 'application' store and make sure you check the yellow box I allow Graphileon to create nodes and relations in the graph database at ..., then Save and Apply Settings again.

Graphileon Personal Edition allows one user

If this is the first user you are adding on the settings page then the application store already contains one or more :IA_User nodes.


  • Log on to the graph store that you defined as application store outside of Graphileon, e.g. using Neo4j browser.
  • Run the following query:
  • If the query returns two nodes only, including one being called 'User Prototype', then get the name of the other node, go back to the Graphileon settings screen and define the first user with that same name and the password you previously used. If you don't know the password you're out of luck.
  • If the query returns more than two nodes, including one being called 'User Prototype', then you will have to delete the extra :IA_User nodes using cypher. Do so at your own risk!

Cannot connect to the graph store

Can be caused by:

The graph store is not running.

Check whether the graph database server is active and/or restart it. Then reload Graphileon and you should be able to login.

The graph store is not at the indicated location or you are using the wrong credentials.

In this case you cannot login to Graphileon and thus not access the Settings page to set the correct details for the graph store. You can solve this by searching for the file config.json in one of the folders installed by Graphileon. Edit this file, set the correct store path and credentials and then restart Graphileon.

Cannot log on using my credentials

Can be caused by:

The config.json file is not present or does not correspond to the Neo4j store you want to connect to.

To be edited.

The IA_User node has been deleted from the Neo4j instance.

Assuming you are the root user, go to /settings and check whether the user exists.

If the user does not exist, recreate the user.

The user has forgotton his password.

Assuming you are the root user, go to /settings and check whether the user exists.

Reset the user's password.

Re-installing Graphileon or resetting the Graphileon default configuration

  • Re-installing the Graphileon application or just the Graphileon configuration is done at your own risk. Graphileon does not take any reponsibility for loss of data.
  • Make sure you have made a copy of your data and of any Graphileon applications that you built yourself.
  • When re-installing the Graphileon configuration, all nodes that you manually labelled *InterActor* and any relations you inserted to nodes labelled *InterActor* will be removed.

Re-installation of the Graphileon PE application

  1. Uninstall Graphileon using the method appropriate for your OS
  2. Obtain the latest version of Graphileon PE from our website and follow the regular installation instructions.

Re-installation of the Graphileon configuration

Follow these steps if, for some reason, you need to restore the original Graphileon configuration:

  1. Close Graphileon

  2. Run the following statement against your application store from outside Graphileon, for example from the Neo4j browser.


This will delete all nodes and relations originally inserted into your application store by the Graphileon installer.

  1. Start Graphileon again. This will direct to the settings page. Here, at store level, you have to explicitly check the box 'I allow Graphileon to create nodes and relations in the graph database at..'.

Then Save and add an admin User as with the regular installation procedure.