Graphileon replaces InterActor

With the release of version 2.0 we have renamed our application from InterActor to Graphileon.

Our Graphileon Personal Edition replaces the older InterActor Community Edition while the different versions of our Graphileon Server Edition replace the previous Enterprise Edition.

The main difference between InterActor Community Edition and Graphileon Personal Edition is that the latter

  • Is much easier to install and can be installed standalone on Apple, Windows and Linux systems without the need for Docker.
  • Has more functions than the Community Edition
  • Can access two graph stores simultaneously regardless of where they are located (on your local machine, on your network or in the cloud).

With the publication of the free Graphileon Personal Edition we will phase out the Docker and Sandbox versions of InterActor Community Edition.

Graphileon Personal Edition 2.0.0 - beta is our first standalone version.

If you experience problems with this version then you're invited to report them to with a description of the version of Graphileon you are using, the type and version of the graph database you are accessing, your OS, browser and anything else that can help us replicate the problem and solve the issue.

Your observations are much appreciated and will help us to improve our Graphileon software.

Welcome to Graphileon Docs

This documentation serves both the Personal and Enterprise editions of Graphileon.

On these pages you will find:

Getting started

Quick tour

For dashboard users

For dashboard designers

  • Documentation of the Graphileon Functions you can include in your own dashboards, with examples

These pages are not meant to be static. We are trying to be as complete as possible, and welcome your suggestions with regard to items or subjects that we may have missed.

You can also find us on Slack. Drop us a line at to get an invite!