Data Structures

InterActor uses a few data structures, objects of information, structured in a predetermined and consistent way. If any Function uses such data structure, you can be sure it contains at least the properties described in the structure definition on this page (it is, however, possible that Functions add their own properties to these structures).


The node structure can be used to pass around graph nodes between Neo4j and visualisations.

	id          : int,      // Node ID
	labels      : [string], // Array of label names
	properties  : {}        // Properties of the node
	meta        : {         // Node metadata
		store   : string    // Neo4j store this node exists in


The relation structure represents relations between nodes.

	id          : int,      // Relation ID
	type        : string,   // Single relation type
	properties  : {},       // Properties of the relation
	source      : int,      // Node ID this relation originates from
	target      : int,      // Node ID this relation is directed towards
	meta        : {         // Relation metadata
		store   : string    // Neo4j store this relation exists in