Release notes


Front end

  • Improved : in NetworkView, selecting an node after unselecting all nodes.
  • Improved : in NetworkStylesView, styles are updated when switching between nodes and relations tabs.
  • Improved : in NetworkStylesView, tabs have been renamed and navigation is easier.
  • Improved : resizing of nodes and relations in NetworkStylesView.
  • Improved : Saving styles does no longer require a confirm.
  • Improved : positioning of new containers. They do no longer overlap completely.
  • New : multiple dashboards (Enterprise edition only).
  • New : in NetworkView, you can now go directly to NetworkStylesView. Both from button bar, and from a specific node or relation.
  • New : new buttons in NetworkView: autoComplete, Styles.
  • New : in NetworkView, downloaded SVG's are now zoomable.
  • New : in MapView, you can spiderfy markers to avoid overlapping (Enterprise edition only).
  • New : in UserView, shortcuts can be styled.
  • New : sidebar-right of dashboard is now a flex container.
  • New : sidebar-left and sidebar-right of dasboard can now be collapsed sideways.
  • New : in configuration settings, there is now a "Test connection" button.
  • New : in SearchView, the "Execute" button can be hidden.

Back end

  • Fixed : in IA_NetworkView, _function.selection is updated after unselecting a node.
  • Improved : all function parameters can now be set as a property.
  • New : IA_Dashboard nodes to create multiple dashboards (Enterprise edition only).
  • New : IA_TableView now accepts simple arrays of simple values.
  • New : (%)._global now contains id of current dashboard.
  • New : IA_NetworkView now has nodeDoubleClick, canvasClick and canvasDoubleClick events.
  • New : IA_NetworkView now has _update.set.state.selected and _update.set.state.visible properties to change selected and visible states through triggers.
  • New : New IA_NetworkView parameters : canSetStyles and canSetAutoCompleteStatus.
  • New : New IA_SearchView parameter : hideExecuteButton .