Label: :IA_Function
Property: type: NeighboursView
Inherits from: Function and View

A NeighboursView panel lists all neighbours of a selected node or relationship in a filterable tree format. Its purpose is to be able to explore and find specific relations of the selected item in a controlled way. It groups the neighbouring nodes and relations by different dimensions. The grouping and ordering default is (1) by direction, (2) by node label, (3) by relationship type and (4) by the value of the 'type' property of the relation. This order can be configured and changed *[^1]. The NeighboursView allows the user to select individual neighbours or whole groups of neighbours and send these to other functions such as the NetworkView.


Key Description Default value Possible values
id [Required] Id of Node/Vertex to get neighbours N/A any valid id
store [Required] Store of Node/Vertex to get neighbours application any valid store name
groupBy Grouping dimension configuration direction,neighbourLabels,relationType,relationKey any combination of list above: direction, neighbourLabels, relationType, relationKey
ignoreLabels Ignored labels by grouping or displaying IA_Function, Graphileon, IA_DUMP, IA_Install Any label name
itemLabels Template literal to be used to display leaves name,naam Any valid literal string
loadsBasedOn Behaviour of itemAddClicked event relation Only two options relation or node See: **[^2]
maxNodesPerLeaf Maximum number of leaves / relations 100 A positive integer
relationKey Relation's Key will be used by grouping parameter relationKey type Any key on relation properties
searchString String filled into the search box of the NeighboursView "" string

Outgoing triggers

Type: itemAddClick

Triggered when small [+] sign clicked on next to the leaves/node names.

Key Description Possible values
nodes Current Nodes' data array of node objects
relations Current Relations' data array of relation objects
store store name string

Type: itemClick

Triggered when leaf/node name clicked.

Key Description Possible values
item Clicked Item Most likely a node object

*[^1]: Grouping parameters:

  • direction: Direction is not derived directly by position of target/source attributes of relations. Creates only three artificial children that grouped by data item.type.{target/source} by order Incoming, Outgoing and Self relations
  • relationType: Groups relations by their own type
  • relationKey: Groups relations by a custom customKey
  • neighbourLabels: Groups Nodes by labels and ignores some of the default labels belong to Graphileon itself.

**[^2]: About loadsBasedOn parameter: This is related to itemAddClicked interactions behaviour.

  • relation: Regardless of context this will only return clicked leaf's relation and node's data.
  • node: Loads all relations upon on the context if there are more relations between leaf/node's and the incoming trigger's node id.