Label: :IA_Function
Property: type: NodeManagement
Inherits from: Function

Bundles actions related to managing nodes.

Function parameters

Key Description Default value Possible values
action The action to perform. string; see below
params The parameters for the given action. See below for possible values. object; see below


Each action requires specific parameters. Below are the possibilities.

action Description params
create Create a node. Node to create
delete Delete a node. Node to delete (only id, properties.uuid or properties.iaName are used).
import Import a set of nodes and relations. * nodes: Array of nodes,
relations: Array of relation
idProperty: (optional)
patch Patch a node. Changes the given properties only. Node to patch
read Find a node. Node to read (only id, properties.uuid or properties.iaName are used).
read-all Find a list of nodes. Array of nodes (only id and are used).
update Update a node. Updates all properties as provided. Node to update

To update existing nodes, they should have a uniquely identifying propery. This property can then be specified as idProperty (by default uuid).

Outgoing triggers

Type: success

Occurrence: When the requested action was performed successfully.

Additional event properties (besides the inherited properties):

Key Description Possible values
response The response from the performed action. See below

For each action, the response can be different. Below are the possibilities:

action response
create Created node
delete (empty)
import nodes: (object) created nodes
read Requested node
update Updated node