Graphileon logs information both in the browser and the server.

Logs location

The frontend logs will be displayed only in the browser console. The backend logs, by default, are not written to the file system, but can be configured to do so, by setting file to true. If no folder is configured, the default logging directory will be used, in the Graphileon application data directory. It can also be set to a string, pointing at a custom logging directory. The log levels are respected, however, unexpected application errors are always logged.

Logging levels and modules

The amount of logging can be set granularly, per module. Each log entry starts with the module name, followed by the message. Additionally, each message has a log level.

  1. DEBUG: Low level debugging info, intended for development feedback.
  2. INFO: Neutral info messages about important processes.
  3. WARN: Warning messages indicating possible (future) problems.
  4. ERROR: Error messages indicating a part of the software or configuration is not working as intended.
  5. FATAL: Error messages indicating the Graphileon cannot continue functioning properly.

For each module, the log level can be set to one of these values, setting the minimal log level for a message to be shown in the logs. For instance, setting a module's log level to WARN, it will only show WARN, ERROR and FATAL messages. Additionally, a module's log level can be set to:

  • ALL: all log messages will be shown
  • NONE: no log messages will be shown

Log levels for each module can be set in the config.json, in the log section:

"log": {
	"levels": {
		"default": "WARN",
		"Function": "INFO",
		"Trigger": "INFO",
		"function/console": "ALL"
	"folder": false,
	"dateformat": "HH:MM:ss.L",
	"format": "{{timestamp}} <{{title}}> {{message}}"

This section sets the default log level to WARN (hiding INFO and DEBUG messages), but sets the log levels of the Function and Triggers modules to INFO. This will show information about processes in Functions and Triggers in the console logs that can be useful for dashboard builders.

To get an overview of logging modules, the default log level can be set to ALL. All messages will shown, prepended with the module name. To change a module's log level, simply add it to the levels object in the config, e.g.:

"NetworkView": "DEBUG"


Modules are hierarchical, so the logging level for modules under the same parent can be set on that parent. For example, the log levels for server/core/config, if not set specifically, will inherit the levels of server/core or server.

This is an overview of the logging modules.

server					All server logging (terminal or file)
	/core				Core server activities
		/config			Configuration-related activities
		/file			File upload and serving
		/license		License management
		/router			API routing information
		/session		User session management
	/store				Graphileon store activities
		/elasticsearch		Elasticsearch store activities
		/neo4j			Neo4j store activities
	/misc				Miscellaneous
client					All client-side logging (browser console)
	/core				Core application activities
		/api			API communication with server
		/session		User session management
	/component			Dynamic components in HtmlViews or MarkdownViews
    	/api			API component
	/ui					UI management
		/container		Containers for Views
		/viewmanager	Management of Views and containers
		/renderer		Renderering of Views
		/editor			Text editors	
function				Function activities
	/...				All Graphileon Functions.* 
	/misc				Miscellaneous Function-related activities
trigger					Trigger activities

* For Function modules, the logging name is equal to the label of the Function, without prefix (case insensitive). For example, the logging name for the NetworkView would be function/networkview (Function/NetworkView would also work).