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Issues with our Graphileon Personal Edition

If you run into issues with our Personal Edition, please send a mail to with a description of the version of Graphileon you are using, the type and version of the graph database you are accessing, your OS, browser and anything else that can help us replicate the problem and solve the issue. Your observations are much appreciated and will help us to improve the software

Issues when starting up

  • Graphileon 2.0.0-beta: A shortcut is not added to the start menu. Use sudo /opt/Graphileon/Graphileon to start Graphileon.

  • Graphileon 2.2.0 on Ubuntu 18.10 or similar with glibc version 2.28 or lower: Graphileon 2.2.0 won't start due to issues with ElectronJS and glibc as described here. A temporary solution based on this post is listed below.

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:maarten-fonville/ppa
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt upgrade

Errors while storing settings

User prototype not found. Cannot create new user

The store you defined does not (yet) contain a Graphileon configuration. Go back to the Settings page, edit the application store and make sure you check the yellow box I allow Graphileon to create nodes and relations in the graph database at ..., then Save and Apply Settings again.

Graphileon Personal Edition allows one user

The Graphileon Personal Edition license allows for only one user. If this is the first user you are adding on the settings page then the application store already contains one or more :IA_User nodes.


  • Access the graph store outside of Graphileon by means of the Neo4j browser or command line client.
  • Run the following query: MATCH (n:IA_User) RETURN n
  • If the query returns two nodes only, including one being called 'User Prototype', then get the name of the other node, go back to the Graphileon settings screen and define the first user with that same name and the password you previously used. If you don't know the password, see the solution below for resetting the password.
  • If the query returns more than two nodes, including one being called 'User Prototype', then you will have to delete the extra :IA_User nodes using cypher. Do so at your own risk!
Installation failed due to connection time out

Graphileon is connected to an application store with too much latency. The connection times out (after 5 minutes) while waiting for the installation to finish. The installation will be incomplete and cannot be restarted from the settings page.


  • Use an application store with less latency to the Graphileon server.
  • If using the same store again, empty it before reinstalling.
  • Set httpTimeout greater than 5 mins from your config file and restart Graphileon.
Setup failed due to connection time out

Graphileon is not running. A port that Graphileon wants to use is being used by a different application.


  • Restart Graphileon.
  • Set port to different from your config file and restart Graphileon.

Connection issues

Connection Error: Cannot connect to store "application"

Graphileon is configured to access an application store on start-up and you receive this message because this store cannot be reached. The application store configured to connect on start-up can be looked up in the 'stores' section of the config.json configuration file.

Access problems can occur for any of the reasons listed below:

The graph store is not running

Check whether the graph database server is active and/or restart it. Then reload Graphileon from the menu | Window | Reload | and you should be able to login.

The graph store is not at the indicated location or you are using the wrong credentials.

In this case you cannot login to Graphileon and thus not access the Settings page to set the correct details for the graph store. You can solve this by editing the config.json file and editing the 'application' key in the 'stores' section. After inserting the correct store location and credentials you should restart Graphileon and be able to login.

Cannot log on using my user credentials

Can be caused by:

The user has forgotten the user name

Personal Edition

The Personal Edition allows for only a single admin user and the settings page is not accessible once that admin is locked out. Follow these steps to find your user name:

  1. Access the graph store outside of Graphileon by means of the Neo4j browser or command line client.
  2. Find your user name by running the following query: MATCH (n:IA_User) WHERE NOT (n:IA_Prototype) RETURN

Enterprise Edition

Ask your admin.

The user has forgotten the password

Personal Edition

The easiest way is to configure a root password, which will allow you to log in for any user. From there, you can change the password by clicking the "Change Password" button in the user panel. The root password will be accepted there as the current password. After the password reset, it is recommended to disable the root password again.

Enterprise Edition

Assuming you are the admin user, go to the Settings page, check whether the user exists and reset the user's password. If you are not an admin user, contact your admin.

The :IA_User node has been deleted from the application store

In this case we cannot make assumptions on the contents of the application store since :IA_User nodes can only be deleted from outside Graphileon. Therefore, no general solution exists. If no important data nor applications were present in your application store we suggest that you perform a new install to an empty store.

in case important data or applications were present in the application store you can contact us at to look into your specific case.

The config.json file is not present or does not correspond to the application store you want to connect to.

If the config.json file does not exist, restarting Graphileon will re-direct you to the Settings page. If Graphileon cannot connect to the store, see the solutions mentioned above.

Notes on the config.json file

This file defines, among others, the graph stores connected to Graphileon and the admin user(s).

Location of config.json

You can find the config.json file in the following folder, depending on your OS:

  • Windows: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Graphileon\persistent\config\config.json
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Graphileon/persistent/config/config.json
  • Linux: ~/.config/Graphileon/persistent/config/config.json

Note that version 2.0.0-beta stored the config.json one level up from the /config/ folder.

config.json example

The below example lists the 'stores' and 'admins' sections of the config.json file. Two stores are connected in this example; 1) the application store to hold the Graphileon configuration and your own applications, and 2) a data store, named 'mydata', to hold the business data. The 'admins' section lists the ids of the admin users that have access to the Settings page.

    "stores": {
        "application": {
            "name": "application",
            "type": "neo4j",
            "granted": true,
            "data": {
                "protocol": "bolt",
                "host": "localhost",
                "port": 7687,
                "user": "neo4j",
                "password": "mypassword1"
            "uuidProperty": "uuid"
        "mydata": {
            "name": "mydata",
            "type": "neo4j",
            "granted": false,
            "data": {
                "protocol": "bolt",
                "host": "localhost",
                "port": 27687,
                "user": "neo4j",
                "password": "mypassword2"
            "uuidProperty": "uuid"
    "admins": [