Label: :IA_Function
Property: type: SaveDiagram
Inherits from: Function

Loads a diagram node created previously with the Save functionality of NetworkView.

Saves a diagram to the application store.


Key Description Default value Possible values id of the diagram. Specify only when updating/overwriting a diagram positive integer
diagram.filters List of filters array of filter objects Title of the diagram string
diagram.nodes List of nodes in the diagram array of diagram node objects
diagram.relations List of relationships in the diagram array of diagram relation objects
diagram.userId Id of IA_User node to be linked to the diagram as owner positive integer
diagram.uuid uuid of the diagram. Specify only when updating/overwriting a diagram. Used as alternative to id. string
overwrite Set to true to overwrite an already existing diagram false boolean

Data structures

Diagram node:

	id: integer, // node id
	store: string, // node store name
	x: float, // node horizontal position in the diagram
	y: float, // node vertical position in the diagram

Diagram relation:

	id: integer, // relation id
	store: string, // relation store name

Diagram filter object:

	filter: string, // filter selector
	status: integer, // filter status (-1: hide, 0: not active, 1: show)
	key: string, // unique name of the filter (not required, usually same as filter)

Outgoing triggers

Type: success

Occurrence: when diagram was saved successfully.

Key Description Possible values id of the saved diagram integer Name of the saved diagram array of objects
status action status 'success'

Type: error

Occurrence: in case of an error while saving the diagram.

Key Description Possible values
response Error data object