• MarkdownEditView: a dual mode editor (WYSIWYG/code) for Markdown documents, accepting parameters and results from internal API calls.
  • MarkdownView: uses new markdown-it-vue library with support for HTML code/content, diagrams, mathematical notation, emoji, footnotes, charts (pie,bar,line) and flowcharts, based on mermaidjs, flowchartjs, AsciiMath and Apache Echarts libraries.
  • Spatial Index: an in-memory R-Tree index for (multi-)polygons (see), with lookups returning an array of matches.


  • API endpoints: accepts user token string through the api-token HTTP header.
  • API endpoints: improved execution speed of private and public endpoints.
  • InputView: has the isValid property on the change event.
  • TimelineView: the state can be updated.
  • TimelineView: $visibleRange parameter can be used to set or update the date range to be shown.
  • TimelineView: triggers visibleRangeChanged event when the user changes the date range (by dragging left/right or zoom).


  • Request: fix sending GET parameters on $params.
  • Installation on Redisgraph 2.8.



  • Issue with the MapView preventing connecting to Google Maps API under certain circumstances.



  • MapView: added context, click, and rightClick events for geoJSON features, markers and the map itself.
  • MapView zoom and bounds can be set using a trigger.
  • MapView markers can be managed as an array with full support for updates (set, change, remove, add).
  • MapView allows for setting animations for markers
  • MapView: geoJSON features can be managed as an array with full support for updates (set, change, remove, add).
  • MapView: added boundsChanged event.
  • GridView and agGridView: added $hiddenColumns property to specify which auto-generated columns to be hidden
  • API: added $headers property to set response HTTP headers
  • YFilesView: added $zoomToFitParameter to enable/disable zoom-to-fit


  • AppLibrary: displays number of graphileons required for each app
  • YFilesView: updated to yFiles for HTML v2.4.0.4
  • YFilesView: autolayout nodes when relations are added between them


  • InputView: does not validate when data is updated by trigger
  • Changing iaName of dashboard triggers error message
  • YFilesView: relationship does not update when one of its end nodes is changed
  • YFilesView: new sister relationships (between the same two nodes) are drawn on top of each other
  • YFilesView: self relationships are drawn very small and on top of each other
  • YFilesView: on the tree layout labels for self-relationships are detached from the relationship
  • Views: windows sometimes flicker when maximized


Breaking Changes

  • Removed Elasticsearch store type, as it cannot support Graphileon application logic. ElasticsearchQuery needs its own connection settings.


  • License information accessible in Functions and Triggers from (@).license.
  • DataManagement can manage relations in the same way as nodes.
  • DataManagement: added read-all action, to read multiple nodes/relations at once.
  • "Remove from view" context menu option for relations in NetworkView/YFilesView.
  • YFilesView layoutOptions.orientation and layoutOptions.edgeLabelOrientation parameters.
  • YFilesView PDF export.
  • YFilesView can visualize (virtual) relations between nodes from different stores.
  • YFilesView graph styles support dashed lines for relations and/or node strokes.
  • Support for configuring multiple static folders on different routes
  • Current and available languages are accessible from global object (@)
  • Language selector on UserView when multiple languages are setup (see documentation)
  • NetworkView: feature to show zoom buttons on the view
  • NodeForm: allow restoration of modified core nodes to original state
  • ElasticsearchQuery available in all versions above Personal Edition
  • LoginView password visibility toggle.
  • Brute-force login attack mitigation.
  • Account recovery (forgot password) functionality
  • Configuration option rootPassword to set a password allowing login access to any user (to be used with care! - see documentation).


  • ChartView default size is set to fill its container.
  • App Library: local apps can be viewed without connection to Graphileon server.
  • Settings page provides informative connection error rather than generic 'An error occurred'.
  • Settings page uses old store password if not altered by user.
  • Dashboard names in dashboard dropdown are truncated.
  • More efficient querying of neighbours when adding nodes from NeighboursView [+] button.
  • Changed SearchView execute Trigger's $trigger.index to index, to be more consistent with other Functions.
  • Debug levels in config.json are case-insensitive (INFO/info, ERROR/error, etc.).
  • Styling properties that need to be numbers are safely parsed to numbers if they are strings.
  • Confirmation dialog before installing apps from App Library.
  • YFilesView: "Insert selected nodes" placed the nodes at coordinates (0,0), which could be on top of each other.
  • YFilesView: nodes are kept in position more strictly when adding new nodes (e.g. by exploration).
  • YFilesView: edge bends are kept in Function model and are stored in Diagrams.
  • YFilesView: dragging a node now results in the node being moved rather than drawing a relation. Holding Ctrl before dragging will now draw a relation.
  • YFilesView: improves styling performance
  • User creation: set created property as timestamp
  • EventListener: add languageChanged event
  • modal-area renamed to modal


  • Datastax node property keys could not start with a number.
  • Autologout no longer results in "Could not load dashboard" message.
  • Redisgraph user management UI showed 3 name fields and no save button.
  • Node properties evaluating to lodash functions could cause errors in node styles.
  • Incomplete error when reporting incorrect Datastax queries.
  • "Import JSON" showed "Imported" even if JSON was invalid and no data was imported.
  • LoadDashboard function changes url to target dashboard.
  • If application store was emptied, could not reinstall from Settings page.
  • MapView: markerClick trigger stopped working after container maximize/minimize/normalize.
  • After switching dashboards, closed Functions could still fire functionUpdated triggers.
  • AgGridView native context menus (enterprise only) had (%).target.row instead of (%).target.data.
  • ChartView inside HtmlView did not resize when HtmlView got resized.
  • ChartView not updating the view on resize
  • Infinite update loop when container was maximized/normalized too quickly.
  • Error when closing containers in modal area
  • Setting correct origin on functionClosed event when a view is closed
  • In InputView, uploadFile field would block UI when validators were set
  • TreeView not updating view when state.checked is changed
  • TreeView rearanging items by id
  • Modal missing default semitransparent background
  • YFilesView zoom-to-fit logic.
  • YFilesView could have duplicate nodes/relations when added with #_update.add.
  • YFilesView throwing error sometimes when creating relations
  • YFilesView and NetworkView allowing duplicate entries in state.selected and state.visible
  • NetworkView/YFilesView auto-filter did not include all possibilities in the graph.



  • Errors when working with IA_Profile nodes
  • Redirect URL when 3rd party authentication autologin is on
  • Enable 3rd party authentication when using at least Graphileon G256



  • Anzograph support (only as data store).
  • App Library (included in fresh installations) to download Graphileon apps and demos from our online repository.
  • AppManagement Function to manage apps.
  • DataManagement Function to manage nodes and relations with permissions.
  • Documented database-specific requirements for Graphileon.
  • ExecuteFunction can now take iaName property to identify target Function.
  • Personal Edition now includes Request and API Functions.
  • InputView can show multiple inputs per line.
  • Default installation nodes are no longer counted towards Graphileon license limits.
  • Permission name should be unique.
  • Default NetworkView and YFilesView have button to switch to the other.
  • Database errors can be shown in UI (if user has debug permission).
  • Query can execute multiple queries in a single Function.
  • NodeManagement read-entity action that executes appropriate entity type-specific logic for the given entity.


  • Simplified Diagrams overview.
  • Long IDs such as DataStax IDs are truncated in the UI (full ID can be viewed by hovering).
  • RedisGraph 'Graph ID' can be configured on the settings page.
  • Consistency of YFilesView's layout parameter array notation.
  • Syntax errors are displayed when using evaluate(...) with incorrect expression.
  • Request can now be executed from the server.
  • YFilesView shows loader while YFiles is loading.
  • Visibility of AgGridView node icon.
  • If View container.state is maximized, it resizes with expanding/collapsing sidebar areas.
  • Right sidebar collapses when empty.
  • Math() added to code evaluator in Functions and Triggers.
  • Documentation of many Functions.


  • Reliability of YFilesView double click.
  • Templating error when using Javascript String instance instead of primitive string type.
  • Using same iaName on different node labels caused entities not to be found by iaName.
  • Memgraph no longer needs 'dummy' username and password in settings.
  • YFilesView icons were displaced in Firefox.
  • Datastax "Test Connection" did not show error if graph did not exist.
  • Updating node location/size in YFilesView caused Save Diagram to fail.
  • AgGridView showed Enterprise Edition error when no license was configured. Now it simply loads Community Edition.
  • AgGridView without column definitions showed column named 'visible'.
  • YFilesView did not autocomplete when new nodes were added.
  • NetworkView zoomToFitStatus set by trigger did not update.
  • AgGridView action Trigger did not contain up-to-date function state.
  • Timestamp on Relations was not retrieved properly.
  • On Anzograph, nodes could not be edited using NodeFormView.
  • Settings page did not provide error on database connection timeout.
  • MapView error when using multi-polygon GeoJSON.
  • TreeView items could not be set with # prefix.



  • Graphileon AWS Editions.
  • RedisGraph store support.
  • API Function to create server-side Graphileon API endpoints.
  • NodeManagement Function to manage nodes and imports.
  • UserManagement Function to manage users and passwords.
  • Email Function to send emails from Graphileon.
  • Permissions for granular access control.
  • PermissionEditView to manage permissions.
  • TeamEditView to manage teams.
  • SetPasswordView for a user to change their password.
  • Hiding personal/team shortcuts on specific dashboards (documentation).
  • Show/hide, enable/disable batch triggers based on Function model.
  • MapView can be updated.
  • Shortcut names can use translation using t(...).
  • Stores information accessible from (@).stores.
  • Batch trigger tooltip using tooltip property.
  • Stores can be set 'public', so all data in it is readable without authentication.
  • InputView file upload field.
  • SearchView GraphQL syntax highlighting.
  • ChartJsView: added gauge chart type and plugin to display datalabels datalabels.
  • 'Import Application' shortcut on default dashboard to import Graphileon application JSON.
  • MapView supports GeoJSON.
  • Navigate target parameter.
  • Container sizes can be set with CSS size units (e.g. vh/vw/em/rem/% etc).
  • modal area to display modal views.
  • AgGridView pivotSetupChanged event.
  • Global (@).edition property to be used in Function and Trigger parameter evaluation.


  • Placeholders in login fields.
  • yFiles library is lazy-loaded to improve Graphileon loading speed.
  • NetworkView renders multiple self-relations with different radii.
  • License information for external libraries is stored in the database rather than config.json (backwards compatible).
  • FontAwesome updated to version 5.13.1.
  • Simplified and documented dashboard indexes; dashboards are also sorted by name.
  • Export to JSON only exports visible nodes/relations.
  • Renamed status property in NodeFormView/RelationFormView Triggers to type (backwards compatible).
  • Users can be created and modified from the NodeFormView (with the proper permissions).


  • NetworkView autocomplete when nodes from different stores but same ID are displayed.
  • TimelineView did not show years correctly initially.
  • Anzograph non-unique relations were not visible in NetworkView and YFilesView.
  • Default SearchView adapted to suit the application store vendor and query language.
  • Having two NodeFormView/RelationFormViews open at the same time prevent usage of JSON tab of the second.
  • NetworkView update loop clicking 'Pin' button multiple times quickly.
  • NodeFormView/RelationFormView: when removing properties, 'Apply' button did not become enabled.
  • Container state is maintained on Function update unless explicitly updated.



  • Closing a node deletion prompt threw an error.
  • YFiles autocomplete on many nodes prevented proper layout.
  • Personal Edition: YFiles license is now included in default configuration, but will no longer update automatically.



  • Neo4j 4.0 support (including multiple databases in a single Neo4j instance).
  • Datastax support.
  • Neo4j Aura support.
  • TranslateView to manage translations in multilingual applications.
  • InputView (beta) for simple yet powerful inputs and forms.
  • Third-party authentication.
  • Query supports queries for specific database versions of languages, e.g. $query.cypher.neo4j.
  • YFilesView toolbar configuration ($toolbarVisible, $canSetFilters, $canSwitchSelectionStatusand $canSwitchOverviewStatus).
  • Personal Edition now runs on Ubuntu 19 and higher.
  • Personal Edition now allows 2 data stores, besides the application store.
  • YFilesView has state.visible, similar to NetworkView.
  • Improved Cypher Editor (beta) in SearchView and Node-/RelationFormView.
  • Renamed caching User property to devMode: caching: false corresponds to devMode: true.
  • Personal Edition users can switch between NetworkView and YFilesView as default graph viewer.


  • Default UI: Default Graph's 'Invert Selection' inverts only node selection.
  • Default UI: PropertiesView provides feedback if node no longer exists.
  • Default UI: converted all CypherQuery Functions to the new unified Query Function.
  • Default UI: Default Graph's 'Start with Selected' now accepts relations.
  • Views in right sidebar are limited in height.
  • Clarified feedback for Permission Denied errors from SearchView.
  • Performance of API Functions running in the backend.
  • Performance of AgGrid on selection of large number of rows (> 100).
  • Handling long captions in NeighboursView.
  • SearchView uses less space.
  • Simultaneous AgGridView row selection triggers are bundled into a single triggers.
  • NetworkView can display multiple self-referencing relations per node.
  • Graph styling.


  • MarkdownEditor file upload error.
  • SearchView executeOnEnter parameter had no effect.
  • 'From' email address to inform administrators of user registrations.
  • YFilesView created nodes did not appear at right-clicked location.
  • NetworkView showed irregular node shapes when node size was set to an odd number.
  • Selection highlight in NetworkView.
  • EventListener single-label compatibility.
  • Double-clicking 'Apply' in Node-/RelationFormView saved entity twice.
  • AgGridView and YFilesView _function.state was empty after initial execution.



  • Significantly improved performance when working with large datasets in AgGridView, NetworkView, YFilesView, and other Functions using #_update parameter.


  • StylesView would only show a single node or rel in the legend when working with YFilesView.



  • AnzoGraph integration: Graphileon can now run on, and query AnzoGraph databases.
  • Unified Query Function that can store and run queries on all supported data stores.
  • Graphileon Function nodes now need only one label. The :IA_Function together with a type property define which Function it is. It is also still possible to use (and define Functions with) multiple labels. NodeFormView adds type property automatically when typing :IA_Function on new nodes; RelationFormView adds type property when relation type is set to TRIGGER on new relation.
  • YFilesView lasso selection mode, can be toggled with marquee selection mode.
  • YFilesView toolbar is configurable.
  • YFilesView filters, accessible from toolbar and can be set from parameters.
  • Granular permission system (beta).
  • Quick-evaluation alternative: "myParam": "evaluate(1+1)" is equivalent to "myParam": "1+1" with "myParam:evaluate": "full".


  • YFilesView has toolbar icons instead of textual buttons.
  • NetworkView fixes node in position before expanding, stabilizing the layout.
  • Added 'Apply' button to NodeFormView and RelationFormView, which saves without closing.
  • Can now use collection updates (#_update) on Function execution.
  • SearchView takes up less space.
  • Team names now have to be unique.


  • De-duplicated StylesView legend nodes.
  • Removed _valueObject key from CypherQuery params before execution.
  • Fixed changing styles order.



  • YFilesView zooming issue (nodes disappeared when zooming in).


Breaking Changes

  • NetworkView state property can no longer be accessed from triggers as (%)._function._view.
  • _path parameter must be an object and can no longer be a simple value.


  • View container.collapsed: true is now modelled as container.state: 'collapsed'.
  • Areas are now found by pattern #my-area[role=view-area] (as opposed to #prologram-area-my-area).


  • Request timeout in milliseconds can now be configured on config.json using requestTimeoutMs.
  • Collapsable Views in side areas, using container.collapsable parameter.
  • YFilesView explorable parameter to switch on/off double-click neighbour exploration.
  • YFilesView now fires relationTargetChanged Trigger when dragging relation start/end to another node.
  • SaveDiagram shows overwrite prompt if diagram name exists (unless overwrite is set to true).
  • Quick-evaluation pattern in Function and Trigger properties using evaluate(expression) (e.g. evaluate(1+1)).
  • Can now evaluate meta-properties (e.g. :prompt) using quick-evaluation pattern evaluate(expression).
  • AgGridView keeps track of visible rows in state.visible.
  • First multi-language support (contact us to know more).


  • Many YFilesView improvements regarding layouts, styling and interaction.
  • Performance boost of Function-Trigger logic.
  • Dashboard shows error if it cannot be loaded, instead of showing empty page.
  • Dragging nodes no longer triggers auto-complete.
  • TreeView itemCheckChange Trigger fires only once per event.
  • Left sidebar is now scrollable when it contains many views.


  • Non-TRIGGER relations between Functions are no longer loaded as Triggers.
  • NeighboursView error when loadsBasedOn was set to node.
  • NetworkView did not autocomplete when new nodes were added in an update.


  • New : SaveDiagram Function to save nodes in a fixed configuration.
  • New : YFilesView node positions can now be read from model.
  • New : TreeView state for selected/checked/expanded items.
  • New : User is automatically redirected to login when session expires.
  • New : List of used libraries and licenses can be reviewed from License window.
  • Improved : AgGrid now maintains selection when new data is added.
  • Improved : NodeFormView contains all stores in dropdown if none are specified.
  • Fixed : Third-party library vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed : Error when using multiple browser tabs.
  • Fixed : Setting user admin status.
  • Fixed : TreeView item expansion error.
  • Fixed : License info button no longer shows two info panels.
  • Fixed : YFilesView overview focuses on node when clicking a node while zoomed in.
  • Fixed : YFilesView overview redraws correctly after turn off/on.
  • Fixed : YFilesView relation routing in loaded diagrams.
  • Fixed : TreeView functionUpdated event when selection changes.


  • Improved : Backend performance (caching database connections).
  • Fixed : Required login will no longer lose dashboard/bookmark information.
  • Fixed : Global trigger data (@) was missing backend and dashboard information.
  • Fixed : Issues regarding nodes with id=0.


  • Improved (possible breaking change): :evaluate defined on Function no longer evaluates values coming from Triggers.
  • Improved : displaying YFilesView node images.
  • Improved : NeighboursView can be empty.
  • Improved : Can now use list updates on YFilesView group children.
  • Fixed : ChartView container sizing in existing container.
  • Fixed : StylesView activated from NetworkView gets the focus it deserves.
  • Fixed : Empty objects passed to Functions were converted to undefined.
  • Fixed : No more nodeClick event when right-clicking nodes in YFilesView.
  • Fixed : YFilesView state was undefined initially.


  • New : AgGridView can set/update selected rows from state.selected parameter.
  • New : YFilesView can set/update selected nodes and relations from state.selected parameter.
  • New : YFilesView can group nodes based on the groups parameter.
  • New : TimelineView can group events based on the groups parameter.
  • New : Granular logging configuration.
  • Improved : Several documentation sections.
  • Improved : AgGridView handling row click triggers during selections.
  • Fixed : loading diagrams in YFilesView.
  • Fixed : YFilesView layout was recalculated when loading node neighbours.
  • Fixed : UserStylesView shows styles displayed in YFilesViews.
  • Fixed : YFilesView relations would sometimes detach from nodes on Windows/Mac.
  • Fixed : Change password functionality


  • New : NeighboursView visualizes node neighbours in a tree. Developed as an improvement for the HtmlView-based Neighbours panel in the default Graphileon installation.
  • New : PropertiesView shows node/relation properties in a table. Developed as an improvement for the HtmlView-based KeysView panel in the default Graphileon installation.
  • New : Graphileon software version can now be viewed in license info.
  • New : AgGridView row drag triggers.
  • New : submit-on-change attribute for HtmlView form inputs.
  • New : Conditional batch triggers, using condition property.
  • New : Arrow function expressions in Functions/Triggers code evaluation.
  • Improved : Container size is maintained when it is re-used by a new View.
  • Improved : Edits in AgGridView are immediately reflected in its model.
  • Improved : Caching for Function executions, removing the need to load a Function multiple times.
  • Improved : Behind-the-screens code quality.
  • Improved : Styling and behaviors in YFilesView.
  • Improved : Console logging.
  • Improved : Miscellaneous UI tweaks.
  • Fixed : Timer $reset parameter would not reset the timer.
  • Fixed : String templating will no longer try to fill in Javascript function values in Function properties.


  • New : EventListener Function that listens to global Graphileon events (login, dashboardLoaded, error, etc).
  • New : to-clipboard functionality for HtmlView.
  • New : CustomStyle Function to add custom styles to the page.
  • New : AgGridView Function as an advanced grid view.
  • New : Dashboard and Function bookmarks for quick access to functionality by URL.
  • New : 'Export to Cypher' feature in standard installation for exporting visible graph to Cypher statement and importing into another graph.
  • New : When (:IA_User {caching:false}), then direct access to the (:IA_Function) from which a view originates.
  • Improved : View containers that are re-used gain focus.
  • Fixed : Parameter prompt panel could not be normalized/maximzed after minimization.
  • Fixed : Node right-click issue in FireFox.
  • Fixed : Nodes with id(n)=0 were not saved to diagrams.
  • Deprecated: Neo4jQuery changed to CypherQuery and Ajax changed to Request. Old names are deprecated and will be removed in future releases.
  • Removed: :IA_Welcome nodes will no longer be executed before login.


  • New : ChartJsView for chart visualizations.
  • New : Iterate for iterative mechanisms.
  • New : Added origin property to functionClosed event to indicate what closed the function.
  • New : Rich-Text Editor visual component.
  • Improved : Exploration and auto-complete consider the store of individual nodes in the NetworkView.
  • Improved : SearchView can set store options for selection.
  • Improved : Styling of Function nodes.
  • Improved : Several minor user experience tweaks.
  • Fixed : Right-click in YFilesView will no longer trigger right-click events on nodes/relations if there is a context menu.


  • New : Desktop versions for Mac OS, Windows and Debian Linux.
  • New : Licenses limited by quantities of users, dashboards, functions instead of functionality.
  • New : License check framework.
  • New : Node.js backend.
  • New : openCypher support (for data store).
  • Improved : Installation procedure.
  • Improved : Personal Edition (free version) has more functionality than Community Edition / Sandbox.
  • Improved : Default dashboard configuration : styling, batch functions.
  • Improved : Multi store support in NodeForm.
  • Improved : Change password functionality.
  • Improved : Support for < , <= , => , > in styling selectors.
  • Improved : Diagram management.
  • Improved : Limit selection of available stores.
  • Improved : KeysView includes store info for relations.
  • Improved : Backend - frontend architecture.
  • Improved : Performance and stability.

Note on Editions

From version 2.0.0 onwards we have renamed InterActor to Graphileon and publish one Personal Edition and several versions of our Server Edition instead of a Community Edition and an Enterprise Edition.


  • New : MarkdownView to display markdown as styled html.
  • New : DiffView shows the difference between two input objects.
  • New : WYSIWYG markdown editor for markdown properties in Node/Relation forms.
  • New : Html and Markdown components for dynamic view content, in combination with API Function (new).
  • New : templating can be turned off with :templating meta property (value off).
  • New : batch triggers on all views.
  • New : Functions fire error trigger upon error.
  • New : Functions do not show visual errors with showErrors set to false.
  • New : TableView autoColumns parameter determines whether columns are generated automatically based on data.
  • New : addColumn method available in property evaluation.
  • New : GridView cellClick event.
  • New : (Enterprise Edition) TreeView events itemDrag, itemCollapsed, itemExpanded, itemRightClick.
  • New : (Enterprise Edition) TreeView state.selected and state.checked.
  • New : (YFiles Edition) YFilesView using yFiles as an advanced graph layout.
  • Improved : auto-sizing of containers if container.height is not set (except for content area).
  • Improved : _path parameter transports its values unchanged, without templating/evaluation.
  • Fixed : GridView row selection can be updated by setting state.selected to the selected rows.
  • Fixed : JSONForms uiSchema parameter
  • Fixed : HtmlView updating


  • Fixed: setting 'styles' property on NetworkView caused log off.
  • Fixed: JSONForms uischema property did not work.
  • Fixed: Table/GridView did not use #column.identifier.data.


  • Fixed: fixed 'Get Node' shortcut in default installation.


  • New : Functions with label :IA_Welcome and property public:true are now executed before login and can be used as welcome screens.
  • New : :IA_Ajax function for Http requests (wrapper over jQuery $.ajax)
  • New : ':evaluate' (none|path|full) meta-parameter sets the evaluation method for function/trigger parameters
  • New : function caching is now a per-user node setting (caching: true|false)
  • New : new diagrams saving method: diagrams are not linked to the user node, can be saved to any store, add data is saved in diagram node, can save nodes from any store
  • New : TableView and GridView now supports column templates as Mustache templates
  • New : IA_GridView as a wrapper for jqWidgets jqxGridView


  • Hotfix: backward compatibility of config from 1.2.x and before.
  • Deprecated: (%).selection in batch triggers.


  • New : Panels in content area can be maximized/minimized/normalized from Triggers.
  • New : Triggers accept && and || Javascript operators.
  • New : Trigger contains its own ID as data.
  • New : (Enterprise) TreeView
  • Improved : InterActor can be reinstalled by simply removing all nodes from the application database.
  • Improved : Changed NetworkView filter cycle to inactive - hide - show.
  • Improved : NetworkView gracefully handles user errors in filter descriptions.
  • Improved : Settings management with user admin rights.
  • Improved : TableView row-clicking behaviour.
  • Improved : Documentation.
  • Improved : (Enterprise) MapView spiderfier can be disabled and shows number of items if enabled.
  • Improved : (Enterprise) TableView accepts array for column data, e.g.: #data.col1: [1,2,3].
  • Improved : (Enterprise) Elasticsearch 5.2.x support.
  • Fixed : (@) could not be used in Trigger matching.
  • Fixed : A few default configuration issues.
  • Fixed : Marker width and marker line width could not be removed from styling.
  • Fixed : (Enterprise) CalendarView (non-blocking) error message.


  • Hotfix: rare exception when saving nodes.


  • Bugfixes and improvements.


  • New (breaking change): Support for Elasticsearch 1.x to 5.x (ElasticsearchQuery parameters changed!)
  • New : Functions can be closed using the $kill parameter
  • New : Selection of multiple relations
  • New : Dashboards and shortcuts sharing through IA_Team node
  • New : Allow forcing column datatypes in TableView
  • New : Table row and cell styling
  • New : Node and relation form displays and accepts JSON
  • New : Access to global variables through (@)
  • New : Data from specific instances can be targeted in triggers using (@).instances.instanceName
  • New : Expressions in trigger matching
  • New : Expressions in parameter values
  • New : Batch trigger styling and caption
  • New : NetworkView filters can be updated by triggers
  • New : Javascript evaluation in functions and triggers.
  • Improved: Selecting and copying data from TableView
  • Improved: More control over parameter prompt through metaparameters (e.g. $parameter:prompt)
  • Improved: Improved spiderfier in MapView
  • Improved: Offline availability: no internet connection required
  • Improved: Selection of TableView available in triggers
  • Improved: Performance by caching of Function loading
  • Improved: Memory management by explicit dereferencing of data
  • Bugfixes and improvements


Front end

  • Improved : in NetworkView, selecting an node after unselecting all nodes.
  • Improved : in NetworkStylesView, styles are updated when switching between nodes and relations tabs.
  • Improved : in NetworkStylesView, tabs have been renamed and navigation is easier.
  • Improved : resizing of nodes and relations in NetworkStylesView.
  • Improved : Saving styles does no longer require a confirm.
  • Improved : positioning of new containers. They do no longer overlap completely.
  • New : multiple dashboards (Enterprise edition).
  • New : in NetworkView, you can now go directly to NetworkStylesView. Both from button bar, and from a specific node or relation.
  • New : new buttons in NetworkView: autoComplete, Styles.
  • New : in NetworkView, downloaded SVG's are now zoomable.
  • New : in MapView, you can spiderfy markers to avoid overlapping (Enterprise edition).
  • New : in UserView, shortcuts can be styled.
  • New : sidebar-right of dashboard is now a flex container.
  • New : sidebar-left and sidebar-right of dasboard can now be collapsed sideways.
  • New : in configuration settings, there is now a "Test connection" button.
  • New : in SearchView, the "Execute" button can be hidden.

Back end

  • Fixed : in IA_NetworkView, _function.selection is updated after unselecting a node.
  • Improved : all function parameters can now be set as a property.
  • New : IA_Dashboard nodes to create multiple dashboards (Enterprise edition).
  • New : IA_TableView now accepts simple arrays of simple values.
  • New : (%)._global now contains id of current dashboard.
  • New : IA_NetworkView now has nodeDoubleClick, canvasClick and canvasDoubleClick events.
  • New : IA_NetworkView now has _update.set.state.selected and _update.set.state.visible properties to change selected and visible states through triggers.
  • New : New IA_NetworkView parameters : canSetStyles and canSetAutoCompleteStatus.
  • New : New IA_SearchView parameter : hideExecuteButton .