Label: :IA_Function
Property: type: UserManagement
Inherits from: Function

Bundles actions related to managing users.

Function parameters

Key Description Default value Possible values
action The action to perform. string; see below
params The parameters for the given action. See below for possible values. object; see below


Each action requires specific parameters. Below are the possibilities.

action Description params
activate Activate a user. token: Activation token (received by email).
accept-request Activate a user. User node to activate.
create-api-token Create an API token for user to execute API Functions. User node to provide the API token for
create Create a user. User will be active immediately. User node to create
decline-request Decline and delete a user. User will receive an email. User node to decline
delete Delete a user. User node to delete (only id, properties.uuid or properties.iaName are used).
patch Patch a user. Changes the given properties only. User node to patch.
read Find a user. User node to read (only id, properties.uuid or properties.iaName are used).
read-all Find a list of users. Array of user nodes (only id and are used).
register Register in inactive user. Depending on administratorApprovalEnabled in config.json, will send either review email to admin, or activation email to user. user: User node to register
adminApproved: if true, will skip administrator approval.
reset-password Send a password-reset email email the user's email address to send to
set-password Change a user's password id: user id
newPassword: the new password
oldPassword: (optional) the user's current password
token: (optional) a password token, as sent to the user's email address. Either token or oldPassword must be provided.
update Update a user. Updates all properties as provided. User node to update

Outgoing triggers

Type: success

Occurrence: When the requested action was performed successfully.

Additional event properties (besides the inherited properties):

Key Description Possible values
response The response from the performed action. See below

For each action, the response can be different. Below are the possibilities:

action response
create Created user node
delete (empty)
read Requested user node
reset-password (empty)
set-password Updated user node
update Updated user node