Label: :IA_Function
Property: type: SearchView
Inherits from: Function and View

Displays a form in which users can enter and setup searches.


Key Description Default value Possible values
executeOnEnter Enter executes the search (or creates a new line in the edit box) true true|false 0|1
hideOutputs Prevents display of type of output selector false true|false 0|1
hideStores Prevents display of store selector false true|false 0|1
hideExecuteButton Hides the execute button. The search will be triggered by pressing Enter false true|false 0|1
query Searched string or cypher query
queryTitle Title of the search window
queryMinHeight Minimum height of the edit box string (e.g. '100px')
queryMaxHeight Maximum height of the edit box '300px' string (e.g. '300px')
output Default output trigger Label of an outgoing execute type trigger
store Default store name to execute the search against configured store name
storeTypes List of store types that can be selected. neo4j neo4j/memgraph/elasticsearch or comma-separated combination
storeOptions List of store names that can be selected. comma-separated list of store names
syntax Language used for syntax highlighting cypher

Output triggers

Type: execute

Occurence: Fires when user executes the search (Enter or click on Execute button)

Required trigger properties

Key Description Possible values
output Label displayed in the output selector string
index Determines the order in the output selector Positive integer

Additional event properties (besides the inherited properties):

Key Description Possible values
data.query Query entered by the user string Store selected to execute the search on string
output Selected output trigger string


		type: 'execute',
		output: 'Network'
		data: {
			query: 'MATCH (n:InterActor) RETURN n',
			store: 'application',

Setup examples

execute trigger from SearchView to Query:

		type:    execute
		$cypher: (%).data.query
		$store:  (%)
		$output: Network
		$trigger.index: 1

execute trigger from SearchView to Query:

		type:    execute
		$cypher: (%).data.query
		$store:  (%)
		output:  Table
		$trigger.index: 2

Setting both triggers will display an output selector in the search dialog with two options Network and Table.