Label: :IA_Function
Property: type: TranslateView
Inherits from: Function and View

Shows a grid to manage translations.


Key Description Default value Possible values
languages The languages to be loaded in the view. ['en'] Array of language codes.
languagesRTL Languages to be displayed in right-to-left direction. (none) Array of language codes.
namespaces The language namespaces to be shown in the view. (all) Array of namespace strings.
namespacesEditable The language namespaces that should be editable in the view. ['graphileon-logic'] Array of namespace strings.
enableAddTranslation When set to false user can not add new translation row true Boolean


  • Make sure the languages and namespacesEditable match languages and values defined in the config.json.
  • It is recommended to not change the core namespace directly. Read the best practice here.
  • See Translations for more information about translations.

Outgoing triggers

Besides those inherited from Function, TranslateView does not have any outgoing triggers.