Notes regarding the installation of Graphileon 2.2.0 Personal Edition on top of an existing installation of Graphileon 2.0.0-beta Personal Edition

Read the following notes carefully before installing Graphileon 2.2.0 over a previously installed version of Graphileon 2.0.0 beta. The described procedure is essential if you want to keep access to files that were uploaded to your nodes. We also explain you what to do if you previously created or modified function nodes and relationships in the application store.

Whenever updating Graphileon, ensure that you have a recent backup of your application and data stores!

1) Files uploaded to Graphileon

Unless you follow the procedure below, the installation of Graphileon 2.2.0 Personal Edition on top of Graphileon 2.0.0-beta will result in the loss of files that have been uploaded to nodes (e.g. images).

Follow the instruction for your OS before installing Graphileon 2.2.0 to preserve access to these files.


Create folder C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Graphileon\uploads and copy the contents of folder C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Programs\Graphileon\resources\app\uploads to the newly created folder (where <username> is the name of your currently logged on Windows user).

Mac OS

Create folder ~/Library/Application Support/Graphileon/uploads and copy the contents of folder /Applications/ to the newly created folder.

Linux (Debian)

Create folder ~/.config/Graphileon/uploads and copy the contents of folder /opt/Graphileon/resources/app.asar.unpacked/uploads to the newly created folder.

2) The Graphileon configuration

With 'Graphileon configuration' we mean the function nodes (i.e nodes with a :IA_Function label), as well as the relationships between them, that are present in your application store. These consist of:

  • the default function nodes that come pre-installed with Graphileon and take care of a lot of the basic functionality such as the buttons on the Dashboard, the main NetworkView, KeysView and History panels. You might have altered these default nodes and you have likely linked to these default nodes when building your own functionality.
  • the function nodes that you have added to build your own applications, if any.
  • the relationships between function nodes.

The installation procedure will not modify the Graphileon configuration when installing to an existing application store that was previously used with Graphileon 2.0.0-beta Personal Edition.

An installation of Graphileon 2.2.0 Personal Edition to an empty application store will always install the latest Graphileon default configuration.

The installation procedure will not touch the optional second data store that is meant to be used to store your business data.

This means that you will end up running the Graphileon 2.0.0-beta Personal Edition default configuration in combination with Graphileon 2.2.0 Personal Edition when installing to an existing application store. This is okay because Graphileon 2.2.0 Personal Edition does not introduce breaking changes. The only downside is that you will not have access to the latest default configuration which introduced a number of (minor) optimisations and tweaks.

We have opted to not update your Graphileon configuration in order to avoid breaking applications that you have built yourself or undoing changes that you have made to our default configuration.

So should you install to a new or an existing application store..?

We recommend you install to a new application store when you have not built any applications on the existing store (yet!), have not modified our default configuration and did not store business data inside the application store.

If you have only made minor modifications to the existing application store, we recommend you port these manually after you have installed the latest version to an empty application store.

We invite users that have already built their own applications of more than 10 function nodes, linked these to the existing default configuration or made major changes to the default configuration, to contact us at so we can help you to keep your configuration up to date with our default Graphileon 2.2.0 configuration.

Now enjoy Graphileon 2.2.0 Personal Edition!

To be on the safe side, start by creating a backup of your application store before upgrading.

You can now install Graphileon 2.2.0 Personal Edition. There is no need to explicitly de-install Graphileon 2.0.0-beta Personal Edition before installing the newer version.